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Relieve Childhood Hunger among the destitute children in Sri Lanka and Offer Education as the most effective way to escape their cycle of deprivation.
One Child Foundation was formed nine years ago after the war in Sri Lanka ended. It was founded by a small group of friends and family members keen to help the orphaned and destitute children. Our initial aim was to provide funds from our own earnings and sponsor a handful of children. Over the next two years, more and more friends and family members joined us and the number of children we sponsored also grew rapidly. read more

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At the end of our lives, we will not be judged by how many diplomas we received, how much money we made or how many great things we did. We will be judged by how many people we fed, how many people we clothed and how many homeless we took in | Mother Teresa

Beneficiary: One Child Foundation
BANK: Natwest
SORT CODE: 60 14 55
Account: 6544 0323

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