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Our Mission

Relieve Childhood Hunger among the destitute children in Sri Lanka and Offer Education as the most effective way to escape their cycle of deprivation.

One Child Foundation was formed nine years ago after the war in Sri Lanka ended. It was founded by a small group of friends and family members keen to help the orphaned and destitute children. Our initial aim was to provide funds from our own earnings and sponsor a handful of children. Over the next two years, more and more friends and family members joined us and the number of children we sponsored also grew rapidly. Today, the charity, born as a small private sponsorship plan, has grown to benefit numerous children. Thanks to the corporate support, private donations and sponsorships from individuals and our Trustees, the number of children we help and sponsor continues to grow each year.

Our Aim

Relieve Childhood Hunger among the needy children

Up to December 2017, we helped to feed in excess of 11,500 children in over 100 schools every school day. Since then the Government of Sri Lanka has taken over this responsibility. We are currently focusing on providing nutritional meals to pre-school children in the Eastern Province.

In 2016, we funded a vegetable farm in an orphanage that is continuing to provide all the vegetables the children need. In 2017, we funded the purchase of 6 cows for the same orphanage and they now number 15 cows and calves. They are currently providing all the milk the children need. In 2018, we provided 211 chicken coops free of charge to the parents of the children we sponsor in various schools, so they can look after their other children in their homes.

Offer Education as the most effective way to help them escape the cycle of deprivation
In 2018, we funded the education of 224 children in 16 schools and 4 in universities. Today, we are funding the education of 298 children, 290 of them are in 18 schools and 8 are in four different universities.

Even though we work mostly with Catholic Schools and orphanages, we have no religious, ethnic or communal preferences in choosing the children we help. In our eyes, they are all children. They are all our children.